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U2S Offers Free Health Insurance for the Community!

On Sunday, July 4th, Up 2 Something Studios created an event designed to offer free healthcare to the creative community. As many people may know, healthcare is not as accessible for individuals as it should be, especially for those in the freelancing industry. To be able to obtain healthcare, one would have to work a corporate position or job for a certain amount of time to obtain healthcare insurance. With this event, Up 2 Something Studios worked to create an inclusive, casual, and educational event to bring people together to discuss the importance of free healthcare.

This the first time Up 2 Something Studios has curated an event of this caliber, which left many people intrigued to wonder how this event came all about and for many people it started with the flyer. If you're not familiar with the movie Superbad, it’s a well known comedy featuring Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan, and Michael Cera. Inspired by the infamous “McLovin” fake ID that granted the main characters access into places and opportunities granted only for those over the age of 21. Up 2 Something Studios utilized this same concept when promoting this event, using the similar design of McLovin's fake ID to offer free health insurance to grant individuals access to proper health care.

Sean Bang, who was the host of this event quotes, “I feel as though this event starts a ripple effect with more people wanting to be a part of this, I experienced people reaching out to me from different communities and even out of the state voicing that they wished they could experience this type of event. A lot of people are not aware that they can still qualify for free health insurance, so this whole process was very easy and I was able to sit with Maria Britto, who was the healthcare agent, and she made everything super informative and clear of the process.” Sean Bang helped cultivate a lighthearted environment while also sharing his own personal experience with obtaining healthcare, he quotes “I have health issues that I’ve dealt with my whole, I’ve had issues with my eyes for a while so for me this type of event puts a lot of ease in my life because for the last few years I have not had health insurance.”

Visitors were not only offered education on the importance of health care and access to free health insurance, but they were also offered complimentary food during a national holiday alongside $100 raffles every hour. One visitor quotes that “I was able to register an account within minutes and had a clear explanation of the qualifications that were met in order for me to receive free healthcare.” Up 2 Something Studios hopes to provide more health conscious events and celebrate accessibility for the creative community. With the help of our team, we hope to continue implementing inclusive and innovative marketing strategies to draw more individuals into what we have to offer.

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