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Becoming Puerto Rican for the Day

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Sports have the power to bring out the best (and sometimes worst) in us. They can also wake up some intense love for the places where we come from.

With the World Baseball Classic camping out in Miami for a couple weeks, fans of Nicaragua, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic put on their fitted caps and suffered together through the inevitable drama of elimination baseball.

Through all of this, Up2Something Studios turned into a little slice of Puerto Rico right on the edge of Wynwood. Homegrown, a Boricua clothing brand, hosted a pop up in the space - their colorful takes on the official PR baseball cap are an instant-cop for anyone with roots on la isla.

The pop up inevitably turned into a nail-biting viewing party for fans of Puerto Rico’s star-studded lineup of baseball superstars. Even U2S creative director Aldhair got caught up in the spirit of competition, becoming an unofficial Boricua for the day. You can be sure, many “puñeta!” were yelled and many games of dominoes were played.

Unfortunately, Puerto Rico would fall to Mexico in the WBC quarterfinals and Japan would go on to win the competition days later, right here in Miami. Things returned to normal and Aldhair would no longer be Puerto Rican.

However, the idea remained… What if Up2Something Studios could turn into a little corner of another city or country for the weekend?

Select pieces from Homegrown are available for a limited time at our Wynwood location.

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