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Protect your Energy through Sound Healing!

A Tribe Called Bliss invites viewers into a sound healing experience:

On June 6th, A Tribe Called Bliss in collaboration with Up 2 Something Studios created a sacred, healing space for visitors to cleanse their spirit and gain healing through sound. This was the third time A Tribe Called Bliss has held this event at U2S and they will have their Tune-Up session on Tuesday, June 22nd at 7:30 pm.

This event begins with guests being able to pick their own affirmation card; this card provides interpersonal messages that provide a sense of security and healing for visitors to keep in mind. It was interesting because the card that I had hand picked out seamlessly grounded me back to earth and reminded me of my power. As guests connect with their cards and set their intentions, the two women who make up A Tribe Called Bliss, Genessys Villabla and Jamil Perez cleansed the space in preparation for this transcending experience. Each visitor was offered a personal and vulnerable full body aura energy clearing by Jamil Perez in further preparation for this experience, which further enabled into creating a safe and vulnerable space.

Once each visitor has laid on their mat after receiving their full body energy clearing is when the transcendence began. The blue, mellow lights and powerful sounds take you on a journey, a journey of self discovery and self awareness. With the guidance of Genessys Villabla, visitors were able to enjoy a pure moment of peace outside of the chaos we find ourselves in day to day. In these sessions you are able to reflect on all that you are and recognize your power.

I was able to speak with Genessys and Jamil about how this experience came about and where it’s headed:

Lauryn: How do you guys feel now having your third event?

Genessys: This is our second Bliss Up event, we are going to have it once a month on a Sunday. Also once a month on a Tuesday we are going to have our Tune Up sessions, we always need a little extra push and extra healing in the middle of our month.

Lauryn: Do you feel like anything has changed from the first event to now?

Jamil: I feel as though what has changed has been more the cohesiveness between us and understanding how to further work together as a team to create these experiences.

Lauryn: How did you guys come together?

Jamil: We’re family and we’ve been trying for many years to manifest this and bring it together. We knew we wanted to do something like this together and then we had Vale and Aldhair present it to us.

Genessys: It was an opportunity. We would always meet up at my house and play with the sound bowls, creating these experiences. Then there was the first time we’re actually executing our vision, Up 2 Something is where we actually made it happen in a group setting. I would do more private sessions and Jamil has her own private energy clearing sessions, so we combined forces and created Bliss Up.

Lauryn: And how does it make you feel when people from these events are coming up to you guys and saying that this experience has changed how they made them feel?

Genessys: I love how people use the word magic because that’s exactly what I can describe it as. It’s just something so magical that you feel and being able to hear it from every person after just confirms it.

Overall this experience was definitely a journey that allowed myself and many visitors alike to forget about the constant stress we find ourselves in and just submit to the powerful sounds that welcome us. I strongly advise you to attend their upcoming events because it’s truly an incredible, healing experience that you don’t want to miss.

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