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Not Our First Rolio!

Betto's Pasta Presents An Unforgettable Ravioli Experience:

Betto's Pasta is a family-owned and operated pasta business that delivers delicious pasta to their local restaurants and neighbors around South Florida. For Sunday, April 25th, Betto's Pasta in collaboration with Up 2 Something Studios created an untraditional, Italian restaurant experience right in the heart of Wynwood. As soon as you enter into space you are greeted by an immersive installation of wooden cooking materials alongside floral drapery swinging from the ceiling that further invites viewers into the intricate and creative space that surrounds Betto's Pasta.

With assistance from longtime friends and supporters, upon entering the space you are asked to show your tour ticket in which you are then granted your site-specific fork that is curated to guide each delicious ravioli to your stomach. The other notable aspect of this experience was the fiber-based installation consisting of several paintings and drawings on their ravioli boxes designed by Roy of Betto's Pasta. What made these works so striking is not only the fact that the characters being represented are iconic characters in the music and animation industry such as DMX and Cowboy Bebop characters but also, satirical references that add a comical aspect to eating this handmade pasta never seen before. Not only are guests able to enjoy great wine, charcuterie boards, and great art; they are also able to indulge in an on-site pasta-making experience.

The father and owner of Betto's Pasta put on quite the headliner by performing his ritual duties when creating his family's delicious ravioli recipes right in the middle of the space, allowing any and everybody to be fully immersed in their tradition. One would almost consider this to be an art performance as we are able to watch the pasta being made from scratch, the complete focus, and satisfaction presented by this intricate process, and then are able to taste these creations. The first stop and ravioli that we are presented on this Ravioli tour was the “Pear & Gorgonzola ravioli in a butter & sage sauce.” You can really taste the fresh-made ingredients alongside the flavorful sauce, truly starting a party in your mouth. It was at this moment in time that guests were eager for what was next to come.

The highlighted ravioli of the night seemed to be the “Three Color Half Moon Wild Salmon ravioli in a Creamy Champagne sauce.” To the point where I overheard more than 10 guests repeat, “When is he coming back around with the salmon one again?” It was truly a highlight, something about the smoothness in the salmon and how it worked alongside the creamy champagne sauce was truly delectable. Another highlighted ravioli also had to be the “Organic Chicken ravioli in a Black Cherry sauce.” This was a surprise to many guests such as myself who have never attempted to try a combination like this and was definitely in for a scrumptious surprise.

Overall the night was filled with amazing, out-of-this-world ravioli freshly made in front of you by the Betto's Pasta team; alongside delicious wines, an untraditional restaurant ambiance in conjunction with happily fed guests. Until the next tour, don’t miss out!

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