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Something in Seÿet

In a world where thrift shopping and repurposing clothing is still on the rise, Seÿet brings in a new perspective on upcycling and reworking clothing. On August 28th, Seÿet held their first ever pop-up at U2S where they showcased their repurposed clothing attached with their signature logo and other fellow vendors.

The first installation that grabs your attention once you enter the space is a one of one, Levi denim jeans adorning unconventional patchwork and intriguing tears that hang from the ceiling in the middle of the space by a clothing hanger and wire. The way that this special pair of jeans commanded your attention and swirled around brought you even further into this pop-up.

Every rack contained one of one apparel that was recycled and repurposed by the Seÿet Lifestyle team adorned by their signature droopy happy face. What makes this reworked clothing line so intriguing is the many different uses of materials and processes integrated into clothing items that don’t usually include these methods of expression. A great example of this were their pair of denim overalls that contained their signature logo attached using a tuft gun, adding a rug-like texture.

Alongside their one of one apparel, the Seÿet team included an interactive tie-dye station that allowed visitors to repurpose their signature white t-shirts. There were also products on display produced by their close friends that also work to spread awareness of protecting the environment and repurposing items that are not too far in reach in order to decrease the amount of waste and mass production.

I was able to speak with the Seÿet Lifestyle team about their collection, how this brand came together, and goals moving forward with the brand:

Lauryn: I’m curious to know more about you guys, the brand, and what is the message behind it?

Seÿet: The brand name is Seÿet Lifestyle and the word itself stems from the word sight. It’s a play on the word, meant to bring forth the third eye and put the emphasis on that. The main message behind the brand I would say is that we each have an individual path, but somehow they always get intertwined. Seÿet is the kind of vision that you build in your own mind, while also teaching you as well as building upon the wisdom you gain through your experiences.

Lauryn: How did you guys all come together?

Seÿet: We all went to middle and high school together so we’ve known each other for a while and stayed pretty close ever since.

Lauryn: Was it after graduating when you guys decided to build upon this brand?

Seÿet: Immediately after we graduated in 2017, we all came together to build Seÿet. This is our first ever pop-up, we found out about Up 2 Something Studios through Sebi which is a blessing because it really enabled us to put on this pop-up to our best ability. As far as the set up, we have the custom pieces which are from upcycling and reusing clothing to give it a second purpose. With this collection you see today, we did it in plain white because it’s our first pop-up so we wanted to represent that purity and also display a more minimalist style.

Lauryn: What thoughts or ideas come to mind when choosing what clothing to repurpose?

Seÿet: We really like denim because it lasts and we really like Levi due to the great quality. Also the fact that denim gets discarded or recycled the most. Each piece speaks to me differently and it comes out as such alongside the input from us all. Our processes range from dyeing, drip-dyeing, acrylic paint, airbrushing, patchwork, etc.

Lauryn: So what are Seÿet's plans moving forward from this premier pop-up? What are some goals you guys are working towards?

Seÿet: The next thing is going to be the Fall/Winter drop, we are doing more than just tees and what you see here. That in itself is going to be a big stepping stone for us.

Lauryn: I also see you guys have a tie-dying interactive station here today, what ideas came behind inputting this installation?

Seÿet: It ties into the identity of the brand, but we wanted to offer people the option to repurpose our white tees you see here. It taps into the individuality we represent as Seÿet and furthering our mission of making your vision come to life so with the tie-dye you are able to do that.

We do want to mention that the funds we raise from the raffle for our one of one pair of jeans you see in the center are going to local nonprofits.

This event also did include live performances by Nicholas Floyd and Mid-Day Moon. These performances were the perfect cap to this event, adding another immersive element to this premier pop-up. Keep a lookout for Seÿet as they continue pushing the boundaries of modern day upcycling.

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